We stand [poem]

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We stand in snow drifts
We stand in stasis
Your hand is cold in mine
Your hand lets mine go
I want to touch you
I want too many things
The world is quiet
The world is inside-out
We watch the stars fall
We watch our hearts break
Your eyes were familiar
Your eyes were mine once
I want to run towards you
I want to run away
The world is turning
The world forgets

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  1. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    As beautiful as this is, I just want to add onto the end a fakely-serious “The sun also rises…”

    We read the Hemingway book of the same name recently in English, wasn’t a huge hit. The use of the title’s kind of becoming a running joke amongst a pocket of our class.

  2. Avatar ernmander

    I loved this, such a beautiful way of describing angst. For me I wish there was more poetry here, it does tend to get ignored for some reason.

  3. Avatar Brebelles {LoA}

    Gorgeous way of describing. :)

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