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“He-he, we’re not supposed to be here,” One of them says. I like to call her Dee, just to never get them mixed up.

“But we really want to hang out with Emily later,” the other one, Sire, says.

“I don’t even think she wants to after the kiss thing,” I whisper, hoping nobody hears me talking to my emotions.

“Oh come on, James. She’s such a cutie, just try and get to know her,” Dee tries to convince me.
“For us?” They say together, like a harmony. Right when I’m about to give in, a visitor, who comes up just as much as Fear, appears.

“James, lets be real,” says a dry voice. Desire has disappeared and Reality, an old man, is whispering in my ear, “You just met her today. You probably already freaked her out.” I put my head down knowing he’s right. Or least, I think so.

Reality, is doing a better job convincing me then I think. I just hope Courage appears, but when the bell rings, and I’m the last to leave, Reality is still around. Thats when I see Emily a good distance away, and Courage is nowhere in sight.

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  1. Avatar Jenni Summers

    This is really good. I’m enjoying reading these

  2. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it

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