The Gifts....2

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I heard a loud crackly bad voice from my big sisters room. She has the best gift but she could never use it. She could memorize any songs lyrics! She doesn’t realize how lucky she is! All I have is levitation. What could you possibly use levitation for? Also it is hard it takes a lot of energy. I can only float for what 3 minutes. Also you can’t even move while doing it! But she can memorize lyrics. Of course she is jealous of us. My brother has heat fission. My mom has meat vission. They have all this good stuff but I get to levitate! Great!

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  1. Avatar just another girl

    Haha levitation is definatly cool. :]

  2. Avatar Tamara G

    That’s what I think but I want to do it from all sides and I figure ppl always put themselves down!

  3. Avatar just another girl

    Haha! I wish I really could levitate, that would be awsome!

  4. Avatar Tamara G

    Yeah! I know!