Becoming Sophia (42)

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“Thank you,” I repeated, licking my lips.

“You’re welcome,” the woman responded. She was everything I’d always thought a mother would look like. She appeared to me as a thicker, shorter version of the Madonna. She smiled at me and I wanted to cry. “You’re lucky we found you; what were you doing out there?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I evaded the question by asking one of my own. “Where am I?”

“You’re in the village between Fronsac and Bordeaux, perhaps you know it-Moyen Rivieres?”

“I’ve come that far?” I marveled.

“Indeed,” she said smiling. “Have you got a name?”

“Ma-umm—” I stumbled. Should I giver her my real name? Surely she would recognize a name as prominent as Lennon.

“Your name is ’ma’um’?” She asked with amusement.

“Sorian,” I replied quickly, giving the name of one of my old friends. “Sorian Trelisca.” The last name was completely made up and something told me she knew it. She didn’t say anything, though, so I tried not to worry.

“I’m Georgette,” she replied. “It’s nice to meet you.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Wow, the series seriously has 42 parts? That’s a long one.
    I liked the back and forth, nothing ground-breaking or genre-defining, but it felt real and gave some subtle detailing/characterization.
    The sentence that starts, “The last name…” was entirely too long and could have been two or three sentences.

  2. Avatar K-Jellybean

    It’s actually going to be even longer. This could feasibly reach 70 or 80 parts, though I’d like to make it 100. And thanks, I’ll go see about editing that.

  3. Avatar K-Jellybean

    There we go, that’s all that fits.

  4. Avatar Jenni Summers

    I’m really enjoying reading these! I started a story myself called becoming Sophia a while ago and I looked it up on Google to se eif there were any others! And yours came up here and I’ve now joined! So thank you!

  5. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    I like that name.

  6. Avatar K-Jellybean

    Sophia or Georgette?

  7. Avatar Mr.Gabriel


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Becoming Sophia (41) by K-Jellybean

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