The Old House on St. Godson Street Part 3

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“What was that?” Mary asked. They looked at the old rotted door. They heard another moan.
“It’s Roger. I’ll prove it,” Mat said. He got out of his creaky bed, and opened the door. He looked out into the hallway. It was the same as when they got there. Long ripped red curtains covering the huge windows. The old chipped paintings on the opposite wall, and the either broken or flickering lights on the ceiling.
“Is Roger there?” Jackie asked. Mat shook his head. Mary started to whisper to herself.
“What is it Mary?” Emily asked. Mary looked at them with wide eyes, nose flared, and a grimace.
“Leave my home now. Or you’ll end up like that boy who mocked me,” Mary said, her voice hollow. The others backed away for her.
“The ghost possessed Mary!” Jackie wailed. Mary got up and limped towards them. Black mist was all around her.
“Leave now!” Mary shrieked. Her shriek was not possible for any mere mortal to do. The others screamed and ran down the hallway. Then a storm started to pick up. The windows shattered.

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  1. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Oh my God. Suspenseful and very well written.
    Good job describing the house more.

  2. Avatar maximumride36


Inspired by

“What is it! Mary!” Emily shouted over her screams. Mary pointed at Roger’s bed. Roger was gone, and the bed had red stains...

The Old House on St. Godson Street Part 2 by maximumride36

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