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Running cross my mind
Tip toe, sliding, cutting through the air
jumping over fences,
Hop scotch, bouncing over boundary lines
How just words can echo through a hallway for eternity
Connect all your memories
with you and split personality
Dragging into a deep sleep, barely touching your destiny
Inhaling the cool air as you impersonate
the person you call you.
Words, meanings, definitions
Is what your trying to master
To be that, goal, that winner, the true,
In the end, will you understand they are just words
Words, with no meaning
Words that have no future
Just something you made up to make me feel better about the words you convince yourself to believe
Running cross my mind
Words, you created
Words that mean nothing to me
Splitting my memories with a false sense of immortality
In the end, all your words are just words.

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  1. Avatar El Fe del Oro

    I like this. It symbolizes how words can linger in one’s mind.

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