Sponge Bob Sex Pants

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He had always loved Sandy, from the day he saw her.
The way she walked, the way she talked, and the way she looked at him, as if there were more to him then he let on.
It was his dream come true when she asked him to dinner.
“I’ll pay!!” she said, smiling a smile that showed off her huge buck teeth.
“Yay! Thank you, Sandy!” Spongebob grinned his buck teeth at her back. They were so happy to have dinner.
When the bill came, Sandy paid it without complaint. Spongebob admired this.
Then they went back to his pineapple.
“So, uh, wanna’ come inside?” He was nervous; Sandy could tell.
“Sure.” She took his hand, and walked inside.
It only took ten minutes for Spongebob to get her naked, on the bed, asking for his penis.

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