George in Space 2

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This can’t be good he thought to himself.

He pushed the button again, but nothing happened.

George heard the compartment doors slide open, as Alicia walked in,
“Owh… George, what the?!?!?”

George vainly attempted to conceal himself as best possible being naked and all.

“You see..” George started turning red, “I found this button…”

“Mmm, I take it the wardrobe button," Alicia surmised, “George you do know that’s been broke for weeks? It won’t give your clothes back and we won’t reach earth for another three months. Um… ”

“Ohh…,” George looked down a bit embarrassed and concerned, “Will you excuse me a moment…”

He turned to go the only direction he could, back out the door towards his room.
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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    First off, Welcome To Ficly! Get a pic!

    This is very funny, and George seems to have some Homer Simpson undertones.
    My only complaint is with spacing. Because of Ficly’s layout, this comes across as a wall of words, and could use some line feeds which would make this an easier read.

  2. Avatar Lyra

    Thank you for your comments! I will keep this in mind when I go back for revisions. I am hoping to get a better grip on my grammar and format soon.

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George pushed the ship’s button. George was always pushing buttons. This was much more fun than he expected or normally found though. Each ti...

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