LIFE: A Memoir 2

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About three weeks later we were packed up and ready to leave.
The name of the town was called Cuyahoga Falls. We pulled up to the driveway to this semi-big house. It was really white. Out popped my dad’s cousin Karen. “Why are we here..” I asked. I was pissed. “We might be living here for awhile..” Said my mom. What the fuck?? Just then there was this knock on my side of the car. It was her. “Hi sweetie!” She eclaimed. Really? I thought to myself. You have to be so freakin giddy about this? I gently opened up my door and before I knew it I was being smothered by it. Sid’s going to be excited to see you guys. She’s been waiting all day." She said. I thought to myself, awesome. Her annoying ass daughter is here. What a life..

The first few days were hell for me. Sidney kept me up most nights by talking her little eight-year old non-sense, my sister and I were more evil to each other than ever, and everybody, including Karen, was moody as hell…

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  1. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    hmm, I want to see where this goes, and if the smoking reference is any kind of foreshadowing lol

Inspired by

A feeling of relief as you take that first puff. Knowing that all your stress and emotions will be gone for about four to six hours. A story ...

LIFE: A Memoir by sammytrick

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