Meeting Vince's Mom

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“Who the hell are you?” Vince’s mother asked. “Ace-freakin’-Frehly?”

“It’s Tony Izadorri, lead guitarist of Black Shark!”

“And you’re Billy Gilman!”

“Really, Mom, it’ s him. "

“If you’re dealing drugs, I’ll call the cops,” she said, waving her iPhone like it was a loaded weapon.

“Look at the Black Shark poster in my room. It’s him!”

Tony pulled his mother by the arm and they moved to the back of the trailer. The main living space was littered with trash, and the smell of wet dog hair was thick in the air.

Behind a closed door in the back, a dog growled and barked. “Quiet, Tiny!” Vince’s Mom yelled, pounding on the thin-plastic door.

Tony pulled the poster down from the wall, and handed it to his mother. “He’s the one with a wood-grain guitar like your old one!”

She studied the poster for several seconds, until she finally dropped it and said, “Oh my God! I’m a fan — I mean we — we’ve been fans for so long and when Pete died we -”

“Stop, I know! That’s why I’m here. We want Vince to replace him.”

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