Fallen Daisies (2)

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There were still patches where they had been pushed to the ground by animals that used them as resting places.
The peaceful atmosphere strongly contrasted the memories it brought. He was perfect. Maybe not to everyone, but for Alice, he was her soul mate. The memories of the happy times cut deep into her broken heart. The long summer days they would spend here, in this meadow, laughing, playing, swimming. Even long before they fell in love, they were the best of friends. Born eight months apart, their mothers had known each other since their school days, and been as close as sisters during their time in the same local school that Alice and Ben had finished.
‘And then that terrible accident…’ Just the thought brought tears to Alice’s worn-out eyes. Since then, their mothers hadn’t talked. The hatred Alice knew Ben’s mother, Jill, felt for her was excruciating. She would always blame Alice for her son’s death. It had taken years to sink in, to truly understand loss.

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  1. Avatar Mrs Truthful

    Darling, you’ve been reading too much twilight. This meadow scene is new moon all over again.

  2. Avatar tinkerbelle

    Haha I just realised reading over it again after a while that you’re actually right. Oops! I didn’t mean it that way I promise!

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