Fallen Daisies (5)

Avatar Author: tinkerbelle Hello world, I'm a very verbose person, typically my 'short stories' end up around about 50 odd pages :) So read, rate, love, hate, prequel, sequel my stories. Advice is welcome! Read Bio

Warm, salty droplets trickled down her pale cheeks and fell into the ground. She ran her fingers over the bumpy scabs on her legs, and, with a force she was unaccustomed to, ripped them open. Her blood mingled with her tears on the muddy ground as she hunched over and watched her pain trickle away and stain the fallen daisies.

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As she turned into their street, the wheels of the car skidded on the slippery road and the car went hurtling into one of the apartment block...

Fallen Daisies (4) by tinkerbelle

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