Illusion continued

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..a sudden loud giggle. Neil and I were in deep sleep and neither of us giggled in that fashion. I was shivering not because of the cold but because the shrill giggle sent shivers down my spine. I stay put next to Neil for some time before I heard the same shrill voice but it was a cry this time. I was not sure why Neil was not perturbed with the voices. I decided to find the source of the voice myself.

I was groping through the pitch black darkness in the unknown, huge mansion like hut. I moved in the direction of the voices but could not spot anything. I kept hearing those frightening voices sometimes like a child crying out for help, sometimes like a woman in pain calling out for help. As i moved farther away from Neil i was moving closer to those scary voices.

In the distance I could see a small light flickering. Not sure what that was and fear still stuck in my bones I moved towards the light as if I was in a trance. The light pulled me towards it like a nail moving towards a magnet…

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    kind of choppy with sentences all the same length and many of them starting with “I”, but nice magnet simile.

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Illusion by Mystique

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