Back in Norman's van

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It seemed to take forever for the van to reach point 8. Katie rolled around in the back, clutching her tummy, her whole world on fire, able only to wonder what was going on. Eventually, Libby slowed the van and Norman opened the door and jumped in. He lifted Katie gently and carried her to his own van, lying her on the bed and strapping her in “It’s going to be something of a ride,” he said. “We’re in, Jim.”

Evidently, Jim was driving, because they got underway immediately.

“Katie, there are things I have to do to you. They’re going to hurt but they should keep you alive. Do you understand?”
She nodded mutely through the tears and he got to work. Using the ultrasound to guide a long probe, he kept stabbing and groping at the device inside her, looking for something. She gripped the sides of the bed, tears flowing freely, and willed for him to be quick.

“There!” he shouted. White hot pain lanced through her and stopped abruptly, leaving her panting.
“That will buy us an hour or so.”

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    an hour?! that was almost grotesque.. but it’s getting clearer..

  2. Avatar dkscully

    Very Matrix-esque. But I’ll forgive you. ;-)

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