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It starts with a bow, a curtsy.
Raindrop, meet blade of grass:
Splash, “Hello.”

The blade shies, but soon warms
To her remembered love.
Wet embrace exchanged.

Mezzo piano, andante,
Drop caresses blade.
“I’ve missed you!”
“Where have you been?”

Crescendo, allegro,
Similar conversations all around.
“I’vebeen toEurope and backagain.”
“Acricketpassed by here theother day
Seemedina hurry.”

Forte, presto,
All words lost
In the symphony of the storm.
Neither caring.

Diminuendo, allegretto,
Parting words:
“See you next millenium.”
“Thanks for the drink.”

A last goodbye.
Raindrop pecks her cheek,
Releases her hand.
The blade waves.

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  1. Avatar kaellinn18

    I was hoping someone on here would know the musical theory. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Avatar Marli

    I have a friend who is also a mentor. Brilliant Physicist and composer also painter. He paints a canvas as you do using his skills to weave a story with not only genres but music and physics in a fusion of passion. (wether intended or otherwise I liked how the line before “Forte presto” seemedina hurry.

  3. Avatar kaellinn18

    Hi, Marli. Thanks for the comment! Yes, that was absolutely intended. As the storm intensifies, all the words start running together.

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