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In the beginning there was nothing, or at least that what it seemed like. Really, there was just me, and my desire to meet someone here in this new alien place called ‘school’.

I had been to the big city before. My grandparents lived here and I came nearly every summer as a child. But visiting, and being stuck here for a whole year to go to University, they were not at all the same. I needed to find some friends before I was suffocated by the overwhelming good heartedness of family.

So I perused the bulletin boards. The actual, physical bulletin boards with the detritus of thumb tacs, paper, and post it notes; adds for local bands, and protests mingling with requests for a new roommate and posters asking ‘Have you seen this dog?’.

Amongst the clutter I saw an add for a ‘Friday Night Gaming Group: Fun and Imagination for free!’ I had played a few games of D&D in high school and hoped that was the game it meant.

I arrived to find four guys of geeky credibility staring at me. “It’s a girl!” one said.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    what a leap of faith!
    The guys were probably, well you know, in their pants.
    And she was probably ready to turn around.. or maybe not, maybe she feels comfortable here.. hmm. This needs a sequel!

  2. Avatar Ronnie

    We actually met our current gaming group when my wife saw a guy reading a D&D book at Soup Plantation!

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