Regular expression.

Avatar Author: Algorithm I'm not a writer, obviously, just someone who decided to string a few words together. I really mean it, by the way. Don't take my suggestions too seriously, I'm just an amateur. I do confess a love affair with words bu... Read Bio

I am not a writer, just a regular Joe expressing his whims with haphazardly chosen words. I don’t try to write well, I don’t attempt to provide new insight nor create anything that aspires to greatness.

I don’t delve into my soul; there is no hidden muse at the core of my spirit, yearning to share its thoughts. I will not pretend there are worlds inside me begging to be explored, stories craving to be told. Many possess this inner fire, I’m not one of them.

Yet, words come out. Sometimes, they pour out and I don’t know what to do with them, a chaotic, energetic mess I can’t control. The best I can do is shove them in one direction and hope for the best; half the time, I’m not sure where they’ll lead.

I am not a writer, I’m just along for the ride, following these words and going wherever they will.

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  1. Avatar Sarah Jane

    I really like this. I think everyone who ever writes anything feels like this at some point in their lives. :)

  2. Avatar Algorithm

    Thank you. The way this one came out was a bit of a surprise to me, to be honest.

    Glad you liked it, though :)

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