Mr. Black

Avatar Author: Jenni Summers Here are my series'. Some I started a while ago but I wish to continue with them. I hope you enjoy them.Stay tuned! - Daughter of God - In the Shadows of Me... Read Bio

“She’ll do?” spluttered Eddie in disbelief.

Mr. Black leaned back, elbow resting on his armrest. “You girl, what’s your name” he asked me.

“Becky” I said eyes cast down.

“He meant your new name idiot” Mark berated me

“Belle, Belle Tawna” I stared at the floor. Again I felt my chin pulled up. This time it wasn’t Eddie or Mark but was Mr. Black. He pulled my head about a bit, looking at it from every angle. He stared into my eyes. “Take off your top” he said suddenly. I glanced out of the window, blacked out. I could see out but people couldn’t see in.

“He said take your top off” hissed Mark. Obediently I did as I was told, pulling the tank top up and over my head. Mr. Black surveyed me onc emore, while Eddie and Mark looked at me with lust in their eyes. Mr Black nodded. “You look much better without that crummy top on” he said. He motioned for me to put it back on and I did, willingly.

Mr. Black pulled out a wallet and produced 10,000 euros cash. “Split it between you” he said motioning for them to go.

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