True Love

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When I was young love had to be the simplest purest feelings anyone felt. When I met Mary in 72 I knew that would be the start of my life. I knew my place, and what I wanted most out of it.

I dropped out of high school a year later to go work at the mill, to help fund Mary and I first child together. When Colin was born he swept the breath out of me, how beautiful and innocent he looked.

In 84 he experienced with love, I had to sit the boy down and explain to him what love is and what it is meant for. He looked up at me with a gaze of confusion; I can’t say if I got threw to him that day. All I know is when he got his heart broken he took it pretty hard, locking himself inside his room listening to his classic albums.

I stood by the door wanting to open it, I ended up refusing allowing him to get threw it all on his own.

I wish I could go back and hold him and say everything will be alright but in life we all get set up to get knocked down. Life is a misery we all have to live through.

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