The Last Vampire

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I’ve been alive for far too long. Immortality a gift? No. I don’t think so. I don’t even know why I’m writing this. Maybe there are others beyond this dreadful, dying planet who will find my accounts someday.
My kind were called vampires. We drank the blood of humans (our weaker evolutionary ancestors) to sustain ourselves. We couldn’t go outside during the day, the sun burned us. We were overly powerful. Incredibly fast. Many other things as well.
Several hundred years ago (I haven’t kept track of the years in a very long time) all the vampires rejoiced. Our sun, Sol, began to die. All the technologies that the humans had created could do nothing to keep the sun alive. They all began to leave Earth (the name of our planet), and those that stayed began to die since the temperature dropped to well below freezing.
So, with most of humanity gone, shot into the stars by their gigantic ships and all the wildlife dying from the freezing temperatures, we were all but doomed.
That’s when I discovered the caves.

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  1. Avatar thelostgirl

    That last line really grabbed my attention. I want to know what happens next!
    I also liked the use of parenthesis to explain what certain things are. It gives a sense of someone writing for an audience that might not understand the simple concept of humans.
    A very enjoyable read.

  2. Avatar Emma Loopa

    I really liked it. I agree with Thelostgirl, the last line really grabs you. When I finished this Ficlet, I was thinking “MORE!”

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