Epitaph for Jocasta

Avatar Author: Clotifoth 14 years old. I remember the original ficlets, hehe, and am eager to use its newer iteration, NOT dictatored over by AOL. I might post a little of my old stuff here, but most likely will be writing newer things. I write ... Read Bio

Who was Jocasta, o
Queen of Thebes? So
Hast lived she,
Image of beauty.
The intelligence of the gods,
The best of our lives
Reasonable, to see
Through the false prophet’s lies.
O, but how grave for her
To have lived in a tragedy
Where the soothsayers are true
Their predictions, not fallacy
May the gods, in her death
Shine on her, more than life
For the gods doth conspired
Against Laius’ and Oedipus’ wife.

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  1. Avatar Clotifoth

    Something I had to write for school, but I figured I’d put it up, see what y’all thought of it ;D

  2. Avatar Abstract

    This was put together well. I especially like the last part, from “O, but how grave for her . . .” onwards to the end. Have you done any other mythological writings?

  3. Avatar Clotifoth

    Not really, it’s not a subject that has come across my writing urges too often. Perhaps I should write more mythological fiction/poetry ;)?