Measure of Misery

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Can you see my sorrow?
How do you measure misery?

Is it the dreams, once had
Now forced into razor-sharp
Shades, the shadows of my aspirations?
Is it the memories, faithfully observed
To the point of outright worship?
Is this utter perversion of God
The sign of damnation?
A measure of misery?
When all hope is gone
and life is dim
Is my bare, bleak existance
The sign of madness?
A measure of misery?

Do you observe my sadness
with an eagle’s eye
and see what lives beneath
My skin?
Or do you live under a baleful watch
and try to examine,
try to find
A measure of misery?
Search we shall, together.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    comparatively, and morally, the same way we measure happiness. ;)