The First Time

Avatar Author: Jenni Summers Here are my series'. Some I started a while ago but I wish to continue with them. I hope you enjoy them.Stay tuned! - Daughter of God - In the Shadows of Me... Read Bio

That first time was the most horrible thing I’ve ever been through. Not that he was horrible or whatever but the guilt that washed over me as soon as he came in was enough to make me know that I couldn’t go through with this. I had to get out, this wasn’t my life.

I made a run for the door at this point but Mr. Black, obviously expecting a display like that, had locked the door. Mr. Hymon was actually really sweet, for a man who had paid to take my virginity away. He pretty much taught me what I used in the next two years of my life, much to my horror.

When he was gone I curled in the centre of the bed and sobbed. There was absolutley no way out now. I felt dirty and tainted. Mr. Hymon had told me that Mr. Black wanted to make a large profit from all his girls. He wanted at least 500,000 euros from my work before he’s even consider letting me go.

At that time I decided I’d try and get out as soon as possible and it seemed the only way left to do that, was to work.

Decided I sat up and wiped my tears.

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Inspired by

I’d never thought they’d start so high. I looked around hoping that they’d think it too expensive but unfortunately the man...

Bid for my Virginity (III) by Jenni Summers

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