To Be Free. The Prisoner...

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I hear, i see and feel once more. I am free.
My thoughts and anxieties are carried away in the refreshing current. Once more, i am ascending. Rising up, up and out of the water. Out of the lake, and once more into the sunlight.
I stretch and flex my muscles. Yes, free. The sun is lowing on the horizon. I fear it is time to return, but, there is time left. I know I can come back here.
The last of the suns rays disappear over the distant sloping hills. I enjoy the last few seconds of freedom.
Light breaks through the slit in my blinds. The sounds of children on their way to school echoes from the outside road as my world is wrenched away from me. Laughing, playing.
Harsh pain seers through my body, sending my limbs convulsing. A prisoner once more. If i could have a wish, i would rise out of my bed, throw open the blinds, and rejoice in the sunlight of the beautiful morning. But i can’t. I must wait for my carer. As i said before. I am a prisoner and have been since birth, and i must wait for my carer.

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  1. Avatar Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

    Oh, this is horribly sad, but very well written.

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I’ve been a prisoner since the day I was born. Held captive by own worst enemy, and dearest friend. But when i shut my eyes, i am free....

To Be Free. The Prisoner... by Finlay

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