Contradiction and Rejection

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“Wait, what?” I repeat, numb. “You like someone else? You said you liked me. In your nature? You said you weren’t good at flirting…you said…this is so confusing. You keep…” I take a deep breath, trying to blink away the incoming tears. “…keep contradicting yourself.”
The hand leaves my shoulder and I feel a huge weight of loss. “Oh God. I’m so bad at this.” She puts her head in her hands and rubs her temples, thinking. She looks up at me, sadness in her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Shay. I feel like a jerk. I’ve been rejected before, and I hate it.”
“Rejected? You’re rejecting me…? But how can you… I never… It was you who…!” I can’t form sentences.
Suddenly Jane seems more aware of the people around us in the hall. She looks around nervously. “Hey, listen. The bell’s gonna ring for class soon. I hate to leave you but…” She looks me in the eyes again. “I really want to be friends with you. Are we cool? No hard feelings?”
“Hard feelings?” She nods. “I mean, I guess so. What other choice do I have?”

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  1. Avatar Nouvelle Bardot

    rejection sucks.

Inspired by

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