Sequel to "In the company of bats"

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The papers in the Forest Drive petrol station gives Obama (Caitlin likes to call him Osama) a strong lead over McCain; she makes a point of spitting when she steps outside. As she lights up there’s a blare from her SUV and she’s hollerin’,


The horn cuts off suddenly. Catlin can’t see anyone in her car.


A frantic search yields no eight-year-old girl but reveals tracks leading into the trees. Catlin grabs a rifle from the back seat, ducks under the first branches. She scans, sights with her rifle, swears and starts to run up the hill.

She thinks about her phone, what she’ll do to the perv, thinks about the caves and how many people disappear into ’em year on year.

The sudden sight of Erin’s body lying on pine carpet drives all from her mind… then he’s behind her, immobilizing, filthy hand over mouth and nose, suffocating.

And as the world dims she hears:

“Tzweilphathoggua, being SHALL not be, Cghudhweillough! Iron worm. Skies, oh, hide from the skies!

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  1. Avatar Reverend Speed

    So. Now how do we tie I Wish That I Never Found That Stair Case by maximumride36 into this? =)

  2. Avatar Reverend Speed

    Oh – and for completeness sakes:

  3. Avatar C. Augusto Vald├ęs

    Oh my No God! Felt like a punch in the face!
    Breaking the timelessness I tried to keep in the originals makes an interesting effect and the ending is a scare shot.
    Thanks for your insight.

  4. Avatar Reverend Speed

    Er, yeah, sorry if I’ve disrupted the mood you were aiming for with that. =) You can always forget about the sequels on Ficly if you don’t like ’em, but I thought it might be interesting to put a little context around your prose poems. Thanks for the note…!