On a Winters Night Part 2

Avatar Author: Francis James This is my redemption My last battle My last fight My last dying dream This is where it ends I will write one last story and then my dream of a writer shall no longer exist I plan to go more towards cooking th... Read Bio

Julia waited at home for her mother to come home, inside the dark dreary home. The boards creaked, the pipes rattled. Julia had no desire to sit in her room any longer and wait for her mother.

Julia had only trusted one person of her secrets and felt safe being around, Officer Dean was almost a father figure towards Julia. She left her home in search of Officer Dean. The man loved spending his days inside a small diner on the highway leading out of Boulder Creek.

Julia walked a mile to the Betty’s Pancake House, hoping to see Officer Dean in his usual spot. As she made her way closer she noticed that no one was inside. Julia could spot Officer Dean’s Police car parked next to the door. Which made no sense to Julia, if he wasn’t inside the diner then were would Officer Dean be in the middle of no where.

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It was a wintering night among the hills of Boulder Creek. The fireplaces were lit, the dinner tables were left empty. Cars laid scattered ar...

On a Winters Night by Francis James

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