Looking Back

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As I glance right behind me,
The past is sure to follow.
Choking on my memories,
This truth is hard to swallow.

I wake up each morning
With an elephant comfortably on my shoulders.
For this burden I cannot shake
Has left me constantly pushing boulders.

I want to escape this fate,
But the present has proved no contrary.
I want to run away from my shadow,
And selfishly give this burden to someone else to carry.

Every time I throw my sorrows out the door,
They always find a way to return.
If only I could find a way to detach -
It’s this feeling I so desperately yearn.

Looking back on my life,
I wouldn’t say I hold regrets,
But there’s much more I want for myself,
For what I deserve, I believe I am in debt.

I’m better off without those lies.
Better off without the pain.
Better off without the sadness -
I fear happiness I can no longer feign.

So “Goodbye” to my weathered shadow,
I’m filling all of your cracks.
I now have the future to look forward to,
Because I’m no longer looking back.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    well, as long as you learned from your mistakes, it is a good idea not to dwell on the past. :) I know this emotion, this feeling of being in debt to life for good things.. that was 2009 for me.

  2. Avatar iLive The Avant-Garde Way

    Naturally, I tend to dwell on things way too much – even if they weren’t my fault, just something that strongly affected me. 2009 had it’s rough moments for me as well. I think it’s important that we all
    move on and accomplish bigger and better things =)

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