Seeing is Believing

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“You getting all this?” whispered Garrett in shock.

“Affirmative,” the A.I.C. Artificial Intelligent Camera or “Ike” as it’s commonly called responded in Garret’s earpiece.

Ike focused its CCD to look at the Yyta who just murdered the Gaeta miners. It kept on recording as it was told. Garrett, its handler, couldn’t believe what Ike was seeing, but Ike saw it as plain as its own lens. The Yyta broke the peace treaty. Ike had no political affiliation either way. The Programmers had no need to install compassion subroutines in its core processors. Just watch and record.

Garrett got up from his position to get closer, Ike watched as the Yyta warriors gutted a miner with his dagger. Garrett almost threw up. “HQ to Garrett come in.” Ike picked up the command with his mic. Garrett was silent.

“Garrett, the General is requesting for you,” Ike stated. Garrett didn’t respond, “Garrett—-”

“Garrett here!”


“Evidence recorded, Peace Treaty broken.”

“Fall back son, you did a good job.”

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Comments (3 so far!)

  1. Avatar Steve Saylor

    Not sure about this story. It kind of was a bit of a struggle to write it. I took the challenge of writing from a technology’s stand point thinking it wouldn’t be too difficult, but it was. Definitely a great challenge to try out.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    hm, well, it has a human element, the programmer, otherwise you couldn’t make the technology easy to relate to. a difficult challenge, indeed.

  3. Avatar Steve Saylor

    True, I never thought about that. Thanks! :)

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