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“But, sir, we can’t do something like that,” I told the CEO for the third time.

“Why not?”

“It’s illegal.”

He rolled his eyes as if my concerns didn’t apply to him. “We’re moving ahead with this project.”

“Sir, we will be sued from here to Christmas and there won’t be anything left of the company.”

“Are you yellow?”


“All you young bucks are scared of a good fight.”

“No, sir, we’re scared of being homeless, which is where you are leading everyone in this company.”

“Hogwash!” he yelled, slamming his boney fist on the board room table.

“It’s not even a good idea,” I pleaded.

“My granddaughter loved it.”

“You cannot sell jewelry called ‘Lucky Charm Bracelets’ and use a leprechaun as the mascot.”

“With my slogan I wrote, they’ll sell like hot cakes.”

“What is it?”

They’re always after me Lucky Charm Bracelets. Then we’ll have some kids chase him around or some such. Maybe draw it like a cartoon.” He looked at me, a defiant glint in his eyes.

“I quit.”

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  1. Avatar D.S. Aly

    Haha this made me laugh.

  2. Avatar kaellinn18

    The sad thing is that this probably happened in some corporate office somewhere. It did make me smile, though.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    lol, yes! What I love is the defiant employee. I don’t know any employee who would stand up like that to his or her boss.

  4. Avatar Chad Wright

    Glad it made you guys smile.

    @ElshaHawk I pictured the employee like so many others than have spent years working to help a company grow. He’s moved up the ladder to a number two or three position, only to have the CEO ignore his hard work and risk the company.