Mission Log Day 2 cont.

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Its eyes bulge out

Its fur ripples

And plates stick out of its once smooth back

It glares up at me with its steel eyes and

I can hear the artificial quality

Of its meows as they get Louder

Ever LOuder

as I crumple to the ground

I wake to the sounds of snarling

as the Kitty-borg faces off

With a Were unlike any I have seen, suffice to say it makes the Gorlians look like the

Fuzzies of Euclipian 9 and as I watch the Kitty-borg gets punted by one scaly foot which then descends towards me on its way to the ’borg

But I react, my finger twisting

the knob from stun to kill.

I unleash the directed sonic and watch as the Were scream in pain

and slowly, ever so slowly crumple to the ground

The Kitty-borg looks up at me in adoration

I think I’ll call him Pat.

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Mission Log Day 2 by Oy