Time alone

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Warm water cascades over my body soothing and relaxing. Stepping out of the shower I wrap a towel around me and towel dry my hair, squeezing the moisture out of it. In my room I pick up my silk dressing gown and without anything underneath, loosely tie it. It barely conceals my ever growing breasts and just about reached the top of my thighs.

I creep to the window, looking out at our front drive. Mum and Ella are still out at the shops leaving only one person in the house with me. I grin to myself as I walk down the stairs and enter the living room.

As the door opens my father glances at me and turns the tv off. Slowly I make my way over as he pats his lap. I sit on my fathers lap, facing him, my legs wrapped round his back My dressing gown won’t cover my legs and my father slowly slips his hands inside my dressing gown, running his hands slowly from my waist to my shoulders where he pushes it off, leaving me naked.

My heart is in my throat as I feel him harden in his jeans. I reach down and undo the zip.

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  1. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Although I agree with someday_93 about the almost hurtful impact of the story, the character of the girl intrigues me – she grins as she goes downstairs, presumably knowing her father is waiting for her – and she dresses to impress with her revealing dressing gown… Does she enjoy what is happening? Or is she so brainwashed that she thinks what she’s doing is right?

    Perhaps I better read on! Good work. MH :)

  2. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Impressively scary. I think that there are rather too many “dressing gown”s in the middle section, though.

  3. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Daughter getting ready to have sex with her father… interesting.

  4. Avatar K-Jellybean

    Um, was I the only one who didn’t think this was sad? I thought it was moving, rather. Incest is not something that I am into, it just doesn’t do it for me, but the challenge was to capture that sort of love. I think this does that. She has a love for her father that we consider unnatural, but in the context of the story and challenge I think it’s quite interesting, to say the least.

  5. Avatar K-Jellybean

    Comment for pencils.

  6. Avatar ZorkFox

    I left a more in-depth comment on the sequel to this story (“Not A Kid”) but wanted to come back and rate this one, too. The only reason I’m not giving it a five is because of the technical errors.

    I have no problem entertaining the subject matter, and I think you’re doing a bang-up job with it.

  7. Avatar InLoveWithTheSky

    The idea of this disgusts me, but you write about it from a very interesting perspective. This was definitely worth reading, great writing.

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