Not A Kid

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As I slide off his jeans he mutters in my ear “You’re not a little kid anymore are you,” his hands caressing my exposed breasts. His pants bulge in front of my eyes and hesitantly I remove them. He pulls his t-shirt over his head and wraps his arms around me.

With me still wrapped around him, he stands up, kissing me passionately, and carries me upstairs to his and my mum’s room. He lays me down on the bed and I reluctantly let go of him. He climbs onto the bed, and kneels over me. He guides my hands to his erect penis and I feel the heat in him, longing to become one with me.

Gently I stroke it as he caresses inside of me, feeling every nook and cranny. As he pulls his fingers out, I let go and he lowers himself onto me. As he enters me I moan and he grins, kissing me as he starts to thrust against me. A gasp of pleasure escapes his lips and as my father has sex with me I think, I’m not a kid anymore.

The first of many glorious afternoons.

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  1. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Makes me want to scream. Really, it does. So well written, but I have to confess to being a little disturbed. Clearly that’s what you were intending though, so a massive well done on such a sensitive approach to a difficult subject.

    Conflicting emotions indeed, excellently captured – the hesitance, compliance and ecstasy. I’m leaning more towards my brainwashing theory than the enjoyment one. In fact I feel bad for ever having written that now.

    But nonetheless, stunning and heartbreaking. MH :)

  2. Avatar K-Jellybean

    The problem with anyone who reads incest is that they must first abandon all previous moral principles and make room for new ones in order to fully enjoy the story. I think this was wonderfully done and I don’t think it reflects any psychological damage to the girl. She loves her father. They have sex. She likes it. To her, that is okay, because that is how she loves him. You’ve done a nice job capturing that.

  3. Avatar Jenni Summers

    Thank you for your comments I really appreciate them!

  4. Avatar ZorkFox

    I tend to agree with Sophia. It’s my theory that the “conflicting emotions” people mention are theirs, rather than the protagonist’s. In my view, she isn’t conflicted at all: she’s happy to be so intimately adored, and she likes having a secret from her maternal overunits: a secret she wouldn’t trade for anything (yet).

  5. Avatar InLoveWithTheSky

    Very well written, but I agree with the previous comments… so many conflicting emotions, it makes me want to scream. My feelings of repulsion clashing with the protagonist’s feelings of joy and love. Great writing, invoking so many emotions in the readers.

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