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I check my watch: 4:52. Still plenty of time for the dark man to pull something off, if he needs to. But still, my mind is made up. I signal a stewardess over. “I think that man has a bomb.” I say.

“I thought I saw a timer” I lied. The stewardess looks concerned, then begins to snicker.

“What’s so funny?” I yell, causing the other passengers to look over before returning to their solitude.

She wipes tears of laughter out of her eyes. “Sir, we have a state-of-the-art bomb detecting system,” she said loudly, the volume probably for the passenger’s benefit.

“Wait..” says a woman in back, having discerned my part of the conversation. “He thinks that there’s a bomb?”

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  1. Avatar Stovohobo

    Yeah, I would think that the stewardess saying anything about a bomb loudly would be frowned upon. Since the word itself is, as far as I know, illegal on a plane. Not sure.

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