Leprechauns (Randomness challenge)

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When the screaming panther falls from the tree from poisoned waffle inhalation, you will be ready to go on your path to eternal cheese. To that end, we have filled the mushroom forests with happy leprechauns. But the leprechauns have turned against us. God save our souls.

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  1. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Well it’s certainly random. My only qualm is that it relies entirely on it’s randomocity, there’s not much else in there to support it.

    This might just be me, but part of a good challenge entry is that it would be just as enjoyable if that challenge had never existed. I’m not sure about this one…

    Still, a good entry, well done! MH :)

  2. Avatar Alotar

    I’d say it’s good, but kinda too short.

  3. Avatar Marli

    I kinda like the ludicriousness of this piece.

  4. Avatar The Note Writer

    I’m seeing Alice in wonderland here.

  5. Avatar Horrorfan13

    I do get a whiff of Alice in Wonderland for some reason, but it’s still playfully random.

  6. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Hilarious as it goes from randomly silly to ominous and dark.

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