Bad Romance

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And then Charlotte threw her arms around me and slammed her lips onto mine. It came as such a shock to me that I lost my balance and landing on my back, with her landing on top of me, “Marloph,” I tried saying her name through my lips, but it was muffled.

Where was this coming from? I wondered. At the same time, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Her lips were too soft to resist.

And just as soon as she began, she flew away from me, touching her lips as if they were burned. Charlotte looked at me with big eyes, whispering, “Nolan…I…”

I leaned in, expecting her to kiss me again. I had my eyes closed and my head was leaning towards her….

And Charlotte slapped me, “Get out!”

The slap really stung my cheek, but not nearly as much as her screaming at me, “But why?”

“Just please,” She was pleading, tears reaching her eyes, “Just go.”

I stood up then and, silently and staring at her, walked out the door, my pride following like the lovesick puppy it was.

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  1. Avatar Catherine

    Ra Ra Ra ah ah ah, Roma Ro Ma Ma, GaGa Ooh La La….sorry couldn’t help it.

    They kissed!…but then she threw him out.

    I really like the last line.

  2. Avatar Nymphaea Rose

    You just had to add that in? I felt that that song was the perfect title for this one though. Since Charlotte’s all, “Ilove you….and now I don’t.”

  3. Avatar Lil angel

    i love this series

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