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Watchful opal
Rheumy eye
Against the blackened
Star-streaked sky

Leaking light
In milky trails
To grace the treetops
Hills and vales

Creaks and cracks
On beaten face
Haunted path
With shuffling pace

The ocean breathes
To your slow dance
A soft recession
A sudden advance

Perpetual smile
The white orb looms
The rooster calls
So comes night’s doom

Sinking now, faster
First banishing rays
Creep o’er the horizon
And so comes the day.

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  1. Avatar N555champ & X-Ninja

    wow. That had probably the best description of a transition from night to day i’ve ever seen. *

Inspired by

You shine, you shine Upon the earth Thank you for Your blissful worth. Thank you for Your swaying light Which sticks with us Until the night....

The Sky is a Battlefield by One Time, One Chance

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