Taylor Swift Gives Courage

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“You take my hand and drag me head first, fearless!” I yell to the world. Kylie knows me enough to know I cave in whenever Taylor Swift comes on. I sing along until the song finally ends and my problems seem to fade away.

“You okay?” Kylie asks as she lowers her iTouch, which is playing Hey Stephen.

“I’m okay. My parents can’t bring me down anymore. Mind if I use your phone?” I ask Kylie. I shouldn’t; it would be bad to start mooching off her, but with no phone, I guess it’s the only thing to do. She hands me her rhinestone covered iPhone and I slide to unlock. I dial the numbers I had memorized since the moment I noticed my phone disconnected and let it ring.



Three times…

“Hello?” The voice, I had hoped it would be, says. I’m nervous and for a second I say silent, taking in his voice to replay it in my head later.

God, I’m crazy.

“Uh, hi. It’s Gabe,” I say.

“Oh, so you actually called…” He says. I think he sounds disappointed, like he didn’t really want me to call, “I’m glad!”

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  1. Avatar .:Band Baby:.

    awe how cute!!! =D

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