Through The Fire

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Her hand presses tightly against the transparent sheet of glass as the spiderweb fracture races across its surface. Even with her eyes shut she can sense the ship spinning out of control, the wings shearing and burning under the intense heat as she falls out of the sky. She opens her eyes for a moment and immediately her precious green hues suffer an assault of vicious white light and violence, she shuts them again, counts to five. The contents of her ship lose their belief in gravity and bounce around the ship aimlessly. Spectators stare from the ground below before covering their heads, screaming as they flee. She wonders what they think of her, the people down below. Do they think she came in peace? Was she a harbinger of some great war? Was this just the way her people landed spacecraft? A rueful smile splits her lips as she wishes she was landing. She opens her eyes again, and observes. Trees, she thought, Eco would’ve loved the trees. She hopes he’s too far to see. And then she hopes for nothing.

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  1. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Wow this is really neat! I love the part where she’s wondering about people’s different perspectives on her – very intriguing.

    I would recommend breaking into clearer paragraphs, from a technical point of view, but creatively you’ve nailed this… Lots of unanswered questions, emotion and good writing – an great combination! MH :)

  2. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    I agree with Ed on the fact that you should break this into clearer paragraphs seeing as it’s pretty hard to read when this is all bunched up, but other than that I’m clicking on the sequel…

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