(My First Ficly Post!) My Life Would Suck Without You

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Ok, I’m here!!! Finally, right? The family is back! For the last couple of months, I have been writing and I am really eager to post them all on here, so here we go!

Who would have thought
That when I met you
Things would turn out
The way they have

Now it seems
That a day without you
Is incomplete

Even though
It has been a roller coaster
It’s been an experience
That I could only share with you

No one else
Would have stuck around
No one else
Would have said what you did

Because of you
I am stronger than ever
I won’t break
The same way I have before

So stick around some more
Because life
Would really suck
Without you

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  1. Avatar penguincaptain

    Fabulous. You’ve put in words feelings I, and I’m sure many others, have felt before but have not been able to express. Great job!

  2. Avatar Laine Grey

    Positively brilliant, and yes, the family is back!

  3. Avatar Hurdler123

    amazing =]

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