I'm Already There...

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I’m already there, though I’m far away.

I miss you so much and can’t wait to get home.

My baby Daughter, don’t cry, I’m right next to you.

See the sunshine? That’s my love shining on your face.

See the Stars? I’m protecting you at night, smiling down on you as you dream.

See the shadow beside you? That’s where I will always be, next to you, to keep you safe.

Don’t ask me when I’m coming home.

Because I’m Already There.

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  1. Avatar Andy G {L.O.E.M.A.T.T.L.O.A.}

    nice, very sweet, makes me smile.
    and that says alot because I’m a miserable git.
    Andy G

  2. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    The love of a mother.

    Thought you shouldn’t captalize the the first letter of the words at the end, although I know you’re trying to emphasize the point.

  3. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Gabriel – your comment is kind of ironic…

    Rebel – we are having words on Monday…

    Nice poem…but you and your darn capital i’s huh? Capitalise them!!!!

    Good spacing. Nice repetition…
    A high 4!
    (would be five if it was longer)

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