Perfect Happiness

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Opening her eyes, she saw all the colors of the sky, “We’re just in time for the sunset!” He smiled, “You wanna watch it from the truck?”
“I have a better idea,” she beamed & took his hand “C’mon!”
There they were running in the tall grass with horses out in the distance & the sun setting just for them.
They came upon an old empty barn in the pasture, “Let’s watch it from up there,” she pointed to the loft. As she started towards the big barn doors, he stood behind to admire her curly brown hair, her beautiful smile, her untamable freedom. “You comin?” she smiled.
Despite the barn’s age, the two were able to climb up the latter into the loft where they layed out a blanket; they sat together in perfect happiness watching God’s picture.

As the skies faded to night, the girl found her eyes getting heavy. “Aw come here,” Austin spoke with his country draw. As she laid her head on his chest, she found herself humming the song they’d listened to earlier: “I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you,”

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  1. Avatar Catherine

    Awe how sweet. What a perfect moment.

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“Hop in!” he smiled as they approached his red pickup truck. She slid in as he started the engine. “What cha wanna listen t...

Somebody Like You by Just Another Writer