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It was past midnight as she paced quietly into the dark kitchen. The light didn’t go on when she opened the fridge but her hand reached out exactly for the butter dish to confidently lift it from the shelf. Onto the bench it went as she reached up to take the loaf from the cupboard. Out came two slices of fresh wholegrain bread which went straight into the toaster before the rest was returned to the cupboard.

A little shake of her head was the only thing to indicate her thoughts as she recalled events earlier in the day. Yesterday, now, and she smiled as the appetising scent of her snack as it began to waft toward her. It still baffled her, the assumptions that people made, but it was only amusing now as she scraped some butter onto her knife.

The bread was hot in her hand as she carried it between her fingers the short distance to the plate. She jolted when someone gasped then apologised. “I didn’t see you…” The awkward silence slipped in. “I didn’t see you either.” She replied. He laughed awkwardly.

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  1. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Interesting. Though, you should try and seperate your paragraphs more.

  2. Avatar Ambrosia Dawn

    I was trying to get it all in, limited space and all. Did it come across that she’s blind?

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