When Horris Met Mr. Jacobs

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Horris was new to his school last year when he entered the ninth grade. He now moved up to the highschool this year for tenth grade. He met his friends Sally, Bea and Monicca at the front doors. The three had befriended him when he was sitting alone at lunch last year. They entered the front doors of the school and greeted they’re friends they hadn’t seen all summer.The bell finally rand and they went to they’re homeroom. Horris got his schedule and headed to his First block. But before he had reached his block, he passed by this teacher’s room with a sign that said “Mr. Jacobs”. He looked inside and glanced at the teacher inside. He had gorgeous spikey hair, beautiful blue-grey eyes, and a nice physique. Horris found himself speechless and just standing there in front of his door. “Can I help you?” Mr. Jacobs asked. He was still speechless and walked hurridly away from his door. His heart was punding in his chest and still couldn’t say anything when he had reached his block.

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