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Raging fire
Irrepressible strength
Chariot of flame
Unstoppable tank

Defying the eyes
Of all who look near
Causing the gazers
To shrink back in fear

Your light is a lance
Your heat a grenade
Nuclear power
Barely contained

But from all this fury
There’s a sort of gift-giving
A reminder that life
Is always worth living

Blessing the Earth
With soft, healing light
To bring on the day
And banish the night

But as daylight grows weary
It surrenders the crown
For as one must go up
One always goes down.

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  1. Avatar .:Band Baby:.

    very nice prequel to OTOC’s story. It fits very nicely =) this also has nice flow and rythem

  2. Avatar Amaris Wolfe

    I like this.
    Especially the last two lines.

Inspired by

You shine, you shine Upon the earth Thank you for Your blissful worth. Thank you for Your swaying light Which sticks with us Until the night....

The Sky is a Battlefield by One Time, One Chance

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