15 Word Continutation Challenge part 5

Avatar Author: Scrawler's Secret Haven't been around in a while. But that does not mean I stopped writing. I digressed from short stories to an attempt at a full book. 40 page not a bad start I suppose. BUT its time for a break from that and to go back t... Read Bio

Every low life who entered was examined by his careful eye. But none quite fit.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    fit for what?
    nice sequel. :)

  2. Avatar Andy G {L.O.E.M.A.T.T.L.O.A.}

    I’m really liking the way the story is going.
    I am intrigued!

Inspired by

But every day, some other desperate drop-out was ushered through the grimy, battered double doors.

15 Words Part 4 by Sphinx Without A Secret

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