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Blank page. I can’t start my story. No idea. Ummm, let’s try that inspiration button on FICLY, maybe it will work. Nope, same thing as always : We’re working on it! Promise!

In a room, at the other end of the internet, two men in blue coverall were reading a screen.

- Again. An other one clicked on that link. We should really get that working fast.
- OK, I’ll take it to the next step. She will have to help us.

The man goes to the back of the room, taking a strange instrument on his way. A wonderfully beautiful woman is strapped to what’s look like a dentist chair. She had fire in her eyes.

- Now talk or I’ll have to use this on you. And I will not need inspiration to get creative with it.

The Muse kept her mouth shut, even as the instrument tore her flesh to pieces. A Muse will not inspire under torture. Never.

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  1. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    This is wonderful! I haven’t read the prequel, but this works well as a standalone piece – it started a bit mundanely but quickly picked up pace – the ‘muse’ idea is a real cracker!

    I actually don’t know whether she would look afraid though – from the last paragraph, I would think she would keep her ‘artistic integrity’ so to speak with total bravery and composure… Just a thought?

    Still, well done, good work – MH :)

  2. Avatar Martin Belanger

    It is not as much as a sequel a an “inspired by” thing. I read and commented the previous story and this one came to me…

  3. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Wonderful. I agree with Ed and the afraid thing…i don’t understand the point of the dashes but maybe it’s just me…

    Well done,
    Abby x

  4. Avatar Steve Saylor

    Wow definitely something that I didn’t expect actually. I like it! Made me think.

    Great job!

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