15 Words, Part 14

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It was more that he expected from her.
Now, she would be dead to him.

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  1. Avatar BegoniaRob

    Yea! Love the rise in tension…

    Now, we need more 15 worders to continue.

  2. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LoA}

    And our 15 word story has a revival! two post within a few hours after days of repose. great work

  3. Avatar Paige Elizabeth

    Did no one notice the foreshadowing?

  4. Avatar Sage Autumn

    Love the FORESHADOWING!! It just makes you feel in the moment, so alive, for tomorrow, she will know his grief

Inspired by

Sliding him an envelope with a check inside , she said dryly, “Our business is done.”

15 words, part 13 by BegoniaRob