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which is how my third husband died. Unfortunately, California was no longer a safe place for me to be, because I certainly didn’t have the money to clear up his gambling debts either. And so, one week later, I moved back to Georgia with my black lab, Echo, and a new resolution to focus on myself.
Savannah still held all the quirky charm that had captiavted me at 28, and the home I mortgaged had a beautiful, neglected garden. I threw myself into the task of weeding, thinning, and transplanting, successfully losing several weeks. Then, as bills began to arrive, I realized that focusing on myself also meant relying on myself.
Unwilling to accept the stress of corporate American again, especially in this slow and easy town, I finally found work in a bookstore. Rosalie, the owner, also read Tarot cards for tourists looking for a gothic thrill, and tried unsuccessfully to get me to agree to a reading. However, on one humid July afternoon I gave into her wishes, which is when everything changed for the

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  1. Avatar Atjagape

    Does this imply you have killed your hubby’s?

  2. Avatar Ruby Slippers

    Number 3 was killed by his loan shark’s enforcers. For numbers 1 and 2 you’ll have to read pages 1-231!

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    hahaha, very nicely done ruby!

  4. Avatar stargazer1960

    I really like the way you envisioned this and executed it. Really well done.

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