The Emerald Cat Burglar

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She was perspiring. Heavily. Great slick beads of sweat that slid down the subtle curves of her face and neck. This wasn’t like her at all. It was distracting. Unprofessional. But she didn’t have the luxury of time to worry about it at the moment.

She crouched quietly before the pedestal, going through a mental checklist of everything she actually did need to worry about. The alarms were disabled. Backup generator taken offline. Security guard: incapacitated. She allowed herself a small smile. That last one was easily the best part of the whole night.

And now, here she was. Just scant inches away from her mistress. Her beautiful and breathtaking Patricia. It was as remarkable an emerald as she had always been led to believe. Uncut. Rough. Raw. And in every way, absolutely perfect.

Her fingertips hovered in the air, glowing slightly with a green hue as they neared the gorgeous gemstone. She felt an electric tingling of anticipation as she drew closer to the stone.

She never even noticed the footsteps.

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  1. Avatar jcain

    Man, I really enjoyed this and would love to read more. Maybe even try to do a sequel…..

  2. Avatar Andy G {L.O.E.M.A.T.T.L.O.A.}

    really good. I also would like to see a sequel, and a prequel. How did she take out the guard?

  3. Avatar Nathaniel Payne

    Thank you, gentlemen! I feel it should be noted that the Patricia Emerald that was the inspiration for this piece is actually a real gemstone currently taking up residence in a museum in New York City.

  4. Avatar Andy G {L.O.E.M.A.T.T.L.O.A.}

    really good. I also would like to see a sequel, and a prequel. How did she take out the guard?

  5. Avatar Jonathan D. Page

    Excellent. I like the atmosphere, and, though I’d like to hear the rest, I think this stands alone quite well.

  6. Avatar Nathaniel Payne

    Because some of you asked, I’ve created a prequel to this story with a recounting of how she subdued the guard. :)


  7. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Great job on the challenge, and I really liked reading this after the prequel. The two work together quite nicely. Gotta’ love a suspenseful, cliffhanger ending too.

  8. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    I love how subtly you have made this thief the most attractive woman known to man in the heads of your readers – little details like that, really, ahem, add, to your work…!

    Exquisite storytelling, particularly in that third paragraph – really well-written – MH :)

  9. Avatar Ridcully Calvert

    THis is exceedingly well done. It is a complete story, that tells us a lot and yet does not feel cramped at all.

    And it has spawned a whole series of storeis, too. Nice :-)

  10. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Ah, I’m telling you I had an idea almost exactly like this, but I really liked how you put this one into words.

    Although, this doesn’t make the story any less fascinating, but I’ve always found ruby’s way more beautiful than emeralds.

  11. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Emerald is my birthstone, so I cheer for its use! Those are ominous footsteps..and maybe reason for her to sweat so much. :)

  12. Avatar stargazer1960

    Liked the read. Good story.

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